Plan to Protect® Orientation: Refugee and New Immigrant Protection

Plan to Protect® Orientation: Refugee and New Immigrant Protection

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This initial Plan to Protect® Refugee and New Immigrant Orientation Training is designed for those who work or volunteer with refugees and for those involved in refugee sponsorship programs. This training meets insurance requirements and is part of striving for the HIGHEST STANDARD of protection.

This training contains three modules: Awareness, Protection and Prevention.

  • Module 1: Awareness
    • During the first module we will raise awareness of abuse and the need to protect refugees. With a deeper understanding and awareness of abuse we will see the need for this training program and the need for abuse prevention. We will also learn about insurance requirements to qualify for abuse coverage.
  • Module 2: Protection
    • During the second module we will introduce the different types of abuse, indicators to watch for to recognize abuse and the legal requirements for reporting abuse.
  • Module 3: Prevention
    • During the third module we will cover best practices for preventing abuse among refugees. Prevention procedures will reduce the risk of abuse.


After each module you will be directed to the testing component of the training. This will include a short case study and quiz questions. You will need to complete the quiz with a score of 60% prior to moving onto the next module. To receive a certificate of completion, once you have successfully completed the course, you will need to achieve an 80% average score. A certificate will provide proof to your organization that you have successfully completed the course. This will also demonstrate that you understand the importance of vulnerable sector protection and abuse prevention.

This training is designed for individual access and use ONLY. Organizations that wish to provide group training should contact for group training options. Use of this training for groups is a breach of copyright and distribution.

Produced in 2016, Copyright by Plan to Protect® and Winning Kids Inc.