Admin/Leader Level 1 Certification (AL-101)

Admin/Leader Level 1 Certification (AL-101)

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There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Course Description

We need vulnerable sector protection policies – where do we start? How can we create safe places for children, youth, vulnerable adults and volunteers/staff? What does a strong recruitment and screening process look like? Why is abuse prevention important? Let’s Plan to Protect®!

This course is designed for administrators and leaders of organizations that work with or serve the vulnerable sector. We will address Plan to Protect® 101, Reporting and Response, Recruitment and Screening, Documentation Management and Customizing Policies. Through readings, video instruction and course assignments, participants will learn how to administer, implement, and maintain a strong abuse prevention program. Participants will receive downloadable resources, a policy template, feedback and support during the 12-week course. Let’s raise the bar on protection!

Required Text

All students must have a hardcopy Plan to Protect® manual 2010 edition or newer. Electronic copies are not available or provided. 


    On-line certification Training courses are NOT eligible for refund, cancellation, or transfer once the course has been activated. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

    A course is considered activated once a student registers and pays for the course AND creates an account in the online school. 

    Completion Policy: 

    • We recommend students begin their courses as soon as possible. 
    • Students must activate their course within 6 months of registration and payment.  If the course has not been activated within 6 months of registration and payment, registration and payment will be forfeited - see cancellation policy. 
    • Students who have activated their course: 
      • Level 1 students will have 12 weeks from activation to complete their course. 
      • Level 2 students will have 8 weeks from activation to complete their course. 
      • All assignments must be completed and submitted prior to the due date to receive certification. If a student does not complete the course and assignments before the due date, they will receive an incomplete and will not be considered Certified. 
      • Late work will not be accepted unless an extension is granted by Plan to Protect prior to the due date in writing. 
      • Extensions are only granted for serious emergencies - call or email for permission. No work will be accepted after the final due date.  The maximum extension granted is 4 weeks. 

    Transfer and Partial Refund

    • A partial refund or transfer requests must meet the following requirements:
      • The request is submitted within 6 months of registration and payment,
      • The course has been paid in full, 
      • The course has not been activated, and
      • The request is the first request for refund/transfer/cancellation. 
        • Only one transfer is allowed per registration. 
    • Transfer Options:
      • To the next available on-site training (if available), 
      • To a different on-line Certification Training course, or
      • To another individual within your organization. 
    • Partial Refund Options:
      • Less than 3 months - 80% credit, to be used on other Plan to Protect services. 
      • 4 to 6 months - 50% credit, to be used on other Plan to Protect services. 

    Cancellation Policy

    • On-line Certification Training courses are NOT eligible for refund, cancellations or transfer once the course has been activated. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
    • No refunds or transfers apply for students who have not activated their course within 6 months of registration and payment. 
    • If someone has already transferred their registration, there will be no other transfers or refunds allowed. 


       This training is for individual access and use ONLY. For group training options, organizations must contact Any inappropriate access and use of this training is strictly prohibited and may result in the discontinuation of future services and/or legal action. 

      Plan to Protect® is not responsible for incorrect use or failure to use coupon codes. No refunds will be awarded.  Please ensure you use your coupon code properly if you are having difficulties please contact Plan to Protect® prior to checking out. 

      The development, preparation and publication of this training has been undertaken with great care.  The information contained herein is intended to assist organizations in establishing policy.  The content is current as of the date of publication and does not reflect subsequent changes in law.  This information is distributed with the understanding that it does not constitute legal advice.  Organizations are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel as well as counsel from their insurance company when establishing a policy.   

       Produced in 2018, copyright by Plan to Protect® and Winning Kids Inc.