2024 Plan to Protect® Orientation: International Workers (Long-Term - Leadership)

2024 Plan to Protect® Orientation: International Workers (Long-Term - Leadership)

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This initial Plan to Protect® International Workers Orientation Training (Leadership) is designed for those who work internationally on a long term basis, not directly working with children, youth or vulnerable adults. This training meets insurance requirements and is part of striving for the HIGHEST STANDARD of protection.

1) Make sure you are using a computer (not a phone, or ipad) to complete the course.

2) Make sure you are using Google Chrome to complete the course (not safari, or internet explorer, or Firefox).

3) Our school will allow you to continue after watching 85% of the video.If you switch tabs or put it in the background, or are not active during the video, it will not track properly and you will have to re-watch the video in full.

This training contains the following modules:

  • Introduction 
  • Long-Term International ~ This module overviews safeguarding for career international workers. 
  • Abuse Awareness Part 1 ~ We are going to begin the training by talking about Awareness when it comes to abuse. We will answer these questions - who needs protection? What is abuse? And, how prevalent is abuse? As we discuss all of this, it will become increasingly clear that having a plan to protect and to prevent abuse from happening is so important.
  • Abuse Prevention Part 2 ~ In this module we will discuss the definition of abuse so that we are all working off of the same understanding. We will also hear staggering statistics of the prevalence of abuse. 
  • Best Practices in Prevention ~ This module overviews the most common best safeguarding practices. 
  • Health and Safety ~ This module will equip the learner with tips on safety procedures, including medication use,  preventing the spread of illnesses, and responding to emergencies and accidents. 
  • High-Risk Activities ~ This module overviews guidelines for reducing the risk of abuse, injury and harm when engaging in high-risk and off-site activities.
  • Disability Initiatives ~ This module will equip the learner with tips on caring for and integrating individuals with disabilities into your programs and activities. This module meets the requirements for Accessibility training. 
  • Sexual Misconduct, Harassment and Abuse ~ This module focuses on the misuse of power differentials that lead to sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse. 
  • Our Duty of Care ~ Together, we have a duty of care to each other and the organizations where we serve. This short module introduces us to "duty of care" and reminds us the standard of care that insurance companies and the courts will hold us to.  
  • Definitions of Abuse ~ As we conclude the training, we will unpack the definitions of the different forms of abuse. 
  • Reporting Child Abuse ~ The duty to report child abuse is the most important of all the laws that relate to a child's protection. This duty to report applies to each one of us, whether we have a mandatory duty to report or an ethical duty to report abuse. 
  • Responding to Vulnerable Adult Abuse ~ Unlike child abuse where we have a duty to report child abuse if an adult discloses they are being abused, we respond with care and empower them to exercise their own agency. This module equips the learner to respond appropriately when we learn of abuse against adults. 
  • Conclusion 

After each module you will be directed to the testing component of the training. This will include a short case study and quiz questions. You will need to complete the quiz with a score of 80% prior to moving onto the next module. Once you have successfully completed the course you will receive a certificate. A certificate will provide proof to your organization that you have successfully completed the course. This will also demonstrate that you understand the importance of vulnerable sector protection and abuse prevention.

Please note:
All Learners have 30 days, upon activation, to complete the on-line training before their registration is disabled and deleted. We highly encourage you to let all learners know that they should not click the link unless they are confident they can complete the training within 30 days.
If a learner has yet to activate their account (i.e. click the link in the activation email), they have up to 6 months to activate and start the course. Upon activation, the 30 day countdown begins. Learners are deleted after 6 months of inactivity.

This training is for individual access and use ONLY. For group training options, organizations must contact training@plantoprotect.com. Any inappropriate access and use of this training is strictly prohibited and may result in the discontinuation of future services and/or legal action.

The development, preparation and publication of this webinar has been undertaken with great care. The information contained herein is intended to assist organizations in establishing policy. The content is current as the date of the publication and does not reflect subsequent changes in law. This information is distributed with the understanding that it does not constitute legal advice. Organizations are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel as well as counsel from their insurance company when establishing a policy.

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