2024 New Apostolic Church Canada dwell™ Protect Program Orientation Training

2024 New Apostolic Church Canada dwell™ Protect Program Orientation Training

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Welcome to dwell™ Protect Program Orientation Training.

This training is specifically designed in partnership with the New Apostolic Church Canada.

This training contains the following modules:




To be inclusive and respectful in our church, this training will also cover Accessibility Training.


This training is designed for individual access and use ONLY. Use of this training for groups is a breach of copyright and distribution. 

Note: This platform works best on a computer using Google Chrome (if you do not have it, you can download it here). If you are already using Google Chrome, we might also recommend running it under Incognito Mode as well. We generally discourage using mobile devices to complete the course because of various incompatibility issues that may arise.


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