Special Interest: Plan to Protect® For Sports

Special Interest: Plan to Protect® For Sports

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What can we do to create a safe environment at our sports organization, gym, league or team? What potential risk are associated with the activities we do? Can Plan to Protect® even work in out setting? Let’s Plan to Protect® sporting organizations!

This training is designed for teachers, coaches, instructors, parents, community centre staff and sporting club leaders and administration. Melodie Bissell, President and CEO of Plan to Protect®, will address the challenges of sporting organizations and provide practical tips on creating a safe environment for programs, practices, locker/change rooms, tournaments and hotels.  This webinar will focus on the considerations and planning that is needed to provide peace of mind, knowing that you are managing many of the risks associated with sports.  We will also provide an overview of the services Plan to Protect® offers to make your job easier as a sports organization. Let’s raise the bar on protection! 


Plan to Protect® offers an extensive series of Special Interest Webinars on topics that interest individuals who work with children, youth, persons with disabilities, or the elderly. Our 60-minute webinars are extremely helpful in approaching a wide variety of topics ranging from administration to leadership to awareness. Each of these webinars is recorded and made available for purchase or FREE for members. Members have access to these FREE webinars on the www.plantoprotect.com website under the members section.

This training is designed for individual access and use ONLY. Organizations that wish to provide group training should contact training@plantoprotect.com for group training options. Use of this training for groups is a breach of copyright and distribution.

Produced in 2019, Copyright by Plan to Protect® and Winning Kids Inc.


The development, preparation, and publication of this training has been undertaken with great care. The information contained herein is intended to assist organizations in establishing policy. The content is current as the date of the publication and does not reflect subsequent changes in law. This information is distributed with the understanding that it does not constitute legal advice. Organizations are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel as well as counsel from their insurance company when establishing a policy.