Special Interest: Teaching Kids How to Be Safe

Special Interest: Teaching Kids How to Be Safe

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40 years ago, talking to kids about stranger danger was enough – but not today! Are kids safe at school? At extra-curricular programs? On-line? With friends? At home? Are kids street smart? Do they know how to protect themselves and speak up for themselves? Let’s Plan to Protect®!

This training is designed for parents/guardians and volunteers/staff working with children and youth. Victoria Bissell, a teacher/educator and the Director of Training at Plan to Protect® will give you practical tips for teaching your kids about how to be safe. Victoria is a big believer that you can teach kids how to be safe without scaring them, by having clear safety rules, teaching them boundaries, empowering them to speak up for themselves, and teaching them how to find help if they need it. Let’s raise the bar on protection!

Plan to Protect® offers an extensive series of Special Interest Webinars on topics that interest individuals who work with children, youth, persons with disabilities, or the elderly. Our 60-minute webinars are extremely helpful in approaching a wide variety of topics ranging from administration to leadership to awareness. Each of these webinars is recorded and made available for purchase or FREE for members. Members have access to these FREE webinars on the www.plantoprotect.com website under the members section.

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